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Weekly News Roundup - Saturday 10 Oct 2009

Village earns highest mark to date in Tidy Towns Competition

Tinryland Village continued its progress in the National Tidy Towns competition by
increasing their
points total when the results were announced last week. The Tinryland total of 232
pts was 5 points greater
than last year's total and is a credit to people in the area who have helped to keep
the village area
clean within the last year.

In the overall developmental approach, Tinryland was awarded 35 marks out 50.

The adjudicator felt the Wednesday work nights are a great idea and it gives the
community an opportunity to participate.
The 3 Year Tidy Towns Plan for Tinryland was not included with the entry which could
aid progress
while the heritage trail booklet was commended.

In the Built Environment section, Tinryland was awarded 29 marks out of 50.

In this section, it was highlighted that the Ball Alley was to be a future project
and extensive planning
was needed as to the future use of the alley and village centre area.
The restored School as the Community Centre was examined with great interest as a
great community facility.
The adjudicator was not entirely happy with the modern stone façade facing to the
road and it did not rest
happily in the visual sense with the nearby Granite
structures. However, this was purely a personal view and given that comment,
excellent work was done on
keeping this building alive for future generations. The Church was much admired and
the gate might be
repainted in matt black for next year. The Bring Centre car park is attractively and
colorfully landscaped and
there also good textural contrasts in the landscaping.

In the Landscaping area, Tinryland was awarded 32 marks out of 50.

The new shrubs and Roses planted in the centre of the village were much admired and
the adjudicator fully
supports your strategy of planting for some winter colour. The 1798 Memorial Garden
is attractively presented
and gravel is used effectively here as a design feature. The landscaped area
opposite the Church enjoys a
fine backdrop of mature trees. The landscaping on either side of the information
panel looked a little tired or
drab and perhaps some Heathers might be considered for this area when next being

In Wildlife and Natural Amenities, the village was awarded 22 marks out of 50.

While the local school winning a 3rd Green Flag and the Tinryland trail finder were
at the panel at the Bring Centre car park condensation has become a problem and
needs early

Under Litter Control, Tinryland was awarded 29 marks out of 50.

The three new litter bins were welcomed as was participation in the ten weeks Litter
League. At the Bring
Centre the Clear Glass container needed to be washed and the three poles painted.
The facility here is well
landscaped and was seen as making a positive difference. Just a little litter was
noted in Dun a Ri estate.
Otherwise, litter control standards noted were encouraging.

In Waste Minimisation, Tinryland received 7 marks out of 20 with an overall plan
needed for a waste reduction/
recycling strategy.

In the Tidiness section, Tinryland was awarded 16 marks out of 30.

Here while the improvements following the 2008 road works were parised, The black
bollards in the village
centre would be improved if repainted. At the landscaped area opposite the Church
gate the seat needed to
be repainted.

The village received a strong mark of 27 out of 40 in the Residential Area section.

Dun A Ri was seen as quite attractively presented but for
some weed growth at kerbing. The rather unusual Sculpture was much admired.
Wonderfully colourful
hanging baskets caught the eye at the house at the bottom of the access road to the
estate. St Joseph’s
Terrace was looked upon as pleasant area that needs to watch the issue of weed
growth at kerbing. Otherwise, it was viewed
as a pleasant, well kept estate.

In Roads, Streets and Back Areas, the village was given a mark of 28 out of 50.

The new safety barrier to the Wexford Road is a great safety improvement. On the
Nurney approach uncut
nettles were quite high and the Ramps sign was partially obscured by growth. The
need to look out for weed growth at
the base of walls on approach roads such as the road west out of the village at the
cross roads was highlighted.

The overall general impression saw Tinryland earn an overall mark of 7 out of 10.

The adjudicator stated it was pleasure to visit Tinryland for the first time and
looked forward to returning next year
to see new work and, especially, the planned work on the Handball Alley.

With a higher overall mark for 2009, hopes are high that the local Tidy Town
committee can build on this years result
and help create further success in the years to come.

The full adjudicators report can be viewed on

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