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1) ispySunday 6 Jun 2010 @ 14:46

Theres a open meeting in the village about the Ball Alley on Tuesday. What should be done with the thing? Thinking it should be knocked once and for all..

2) martinThursday 10 Jun 2010 @ 21:47

why knock landarks when ye should preserve the way;why dont ye ask the man that bilted it .what he wood do with it.i say do it ye now the men that built it;he brought handball to the village give him a bit of respect.

3) clubmanMonday 21 Jun 2010 @ 15:15

This is ridiculous.its not a handball alley,it was built as a school.the measurements for a court are totally different.not sure who bilted it though

4) ispySunday 26 Sep 2010 @ 21:32

Anyway the eyesore of ball alley is now demolished and gone from the village landscape...was a long time coming. Time to get something done with the tennis club now!!!

5) bernardMonday 27 Sep 2010 @ 9:20

Well getting away from landmarks for a bit it was great to see such large numbers down at the cross to watch the kids and the seniors play. We did try to cancel matches on sat but because they were sfai games they had to go ahead. On behalf of st Josephs i would like to extend our deepest sympathy to martin and the rest of the Murphy family on the death of their father. It was lovely that Martin took a few minutes out to drop down and speak to the kids after the funeral. Hope to see more of you down in the comming weeks supporting the saints

6) martinWednesday 10 Nov 2010 @ 0:42

ispy now you got the handball Allie knocked ye did noting with the site 4 the tennis club never seen any good there yet sold pitch and put .it was better than the tennis

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