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1) CatLeah1917Monday 25 Jan 2010 @ 14:25

Dear All, My Great Grandparents were married in you parish and I was wondering if anyone knows of any large house they may have worked at?

2) johnboySunday 31 Jan 2010 @ 22:32

wel are u gonna give a little more information than that?

3) CatLeah1917Monday 1 Feb 2010 @ 17:06

Hi Johnboy, Thanks for asking. Patrick Stephens (born 27th May 1879 - Baptism registered Church of the Assumption, Carlow) married Catherine "Kate" Cummins (Born 13th October 1879, Marley - registered in Termonfeckin) on 4th Sept 1907, Tinryland. Witnessed by James Stephens & Mary Doyle, celebrant was James Dunn. That is everything I know. Best wishes.

4) clubmanTuesday 2 Feb 2010 @ 22:02

sure its not fr.dunny?

5) CatLeah1917Wednesday 3 Feb 2010 @ 12:30

Hi Clubman, The list of past Parish Priests on this site has a James Dunne as a Curate at the right time... Catherine was born in Marley, which from what I can work out is about 40 mins from Tinryland, so I am presuming that yours is the nearest Catholic Church...? Best wishes

6) seanyWednesday 3 Feb 2010 @ 16:57

Catleah17,Marley is about 40 minutes away yes.It is a place called St.Mullins.It is by no means the nearest catholic church around.Maybe back then but i doubt it.Carlow town is only 5 minutes from tinryland ,there would have been catholic churches in there.

7) CatLeah1917Wednesday 3 Feb 2010 @ 17:34

Hi Seany, Thanks for this. Marley is St Mullins?? Can you explain how that is? I'll presume neither name means anything to you...? It's a long shot but always worth taking especially when I can't get to Ireland anytime soon;. Best wishes

8) seanyWednesday 3 Feb 2010 @ 23:03

sorry,marley is not called st.mullins.imeant to say it is in a place called st.mullins.down the south of the county.dont know anymore,your best bet is just to try look p old records somewhere.duno how you go about that but dont know anymore,sorry.

9) CatLeah1917Wednesday 3 Feb 2010 @ 23:20

Thanks Seany. I appreciate any help or information people can give me. I had presumed that Tinryland was the nearest town but if Marley is part of St Mullins... Hmmm opens up more questions. Thank you and best wishes

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