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1) PuntingpeteTuesday 23 Jun 2009 @ 13:41

Hi there my name is Peter and I am new to the Tinryland area.I am very interested in sport especially horse racing soccer and cricket. My friends call me Punting Pete. Does anyone know persons with similar interests in the area. I heard that there is a strong football club in Tinryland. Is that soccer, rugby or gaelic football. I never saw a gaelic football game live only on T V. I occasionally get good tips for horses from my homeland in Northern England. Anyone out there who would like to share info with me about horses from around the Carlow and Kildare area. I hope to have a winner this coming weekend and I will share it here on the Tinryland forum.

2) seanTuesday 23 Jun 2009 @ 17:09

Wel Pete it's always nice to see new users on the forums. But if its gambling your after you can f**k off, you wont find any gamblers here.

3) legendTuesday 23 Jun 2009 @ 17:39

Bit harsh I would think Sean. If he goes down to the club any night he will find a crowd who like to gamble and often talk horse s..... Lets welcome the man and see what he has to offer. He might even end up playing Junior B with the Hoops.

4) seanyTuesday 23 Jun 2009 @ 18:25

Or senior if he's good enough!!Bit harsh alright Sean.

5) seanWednesday 24 Jun 2009 @ 11:38

Lads lads lads, i was only having a bit of banter. I thought it was obvious i was joking sure isn't Tinryland full of horsey men and gamblers. I like making the odd bet myself too you know, i put a fiver on that Irish girl winning big brother.

6) LegendWednesday 24 Jun 2009 @ 16:36

Hi Pete Just a bit of info for you for the coming weekend. Back Johnny Murtagh in the irish Derby at the Curragh on Sunday. He rides a horse for O'Brien called Fame and Glory. Have you any tips for the weekend to share with us

7) PuntingpeteThursday 25 Jun 2009 @ 17:30

Thanks for that tip Legend. Hope Fame and Glory does the business on Sunday. Got a good tip today for the 8.50 race in Tipperary tonight. Rajik is the horse. Go and collect.

8) legendThursday 25 Jun 2009 @ 23:22

Pete, You should be called Legend. What a tip. he won doing handstands at a nice price of 3 to 1 I had 20 on him. You definitely know your horses. Looking forward to your next advice

9) PuntingpeteFriday 26 Jun 2009 @ 15:39

Glad you backed Rajik last night. He was a very easy winner. This evening my contact in the North of England tells me to back Jilly Why each way in the 6 40 at Chester. Apparantly this filly is in foal and will not be racing for much longer so they are keen to get a win under her belt. should be about 8 to 1. Happy Punting

10) LegendSaturday 27 Jun 2009 @ 11:06

Once again you came up trumps Pete. I did a 10 ew bet as you advised and Jilly Why ran a very good third only losing out by a shot head and a neck. Nice profit again. Have you any advice for Today?

11) PuntingpeteSaturday 27 Jun 2009 @ 13:21

Glad you made some dosh yet again Legend. In my neck of the woods the big race of the year is the Northumberland Plate. WE always knew it as the Pitmans Derby and it is run in Newcastle today at 3.10. I have good info for a horse who is about 10/1. With each way betting 4 places he looks a real good bet as he will like the soft ground. It rained very heavily over there last night. Have a good each way bet on The Betchworth Kid in the 3 10 at Newcastle

12) legendSunday 28 Jun 2009 @ 17:49

Hope everyone backed Fame & Glory at 3 to 1 when advised on Thursday last. He skated in at the Derby today. Once again the Tinryland forum has come up trumps with the winners.

13) seanMonday 29 Jun 2009 @ 16:25

Looks like ill have to pay more attention to the forums, a couple of winners after coming through and i missed them. Keep at it pete

14) PuntingpeteMonday 29 Jun 2009 @ 17:41

Glad we had a good start to our punting. Thanks Legend for Fame and Glory though I missed the 3 to 1 when you advised us on Wednesday. I did get 5 to 4 though and a winner is a winner at any time. Well done again and I hope to have a midweek beauty for all forum readers either on Wednesday or Thursday. The horse in question is entered on both days but I wont know the exact details until tomorrow Tuesday

15) PuntingpeteWednesday 1 Jul 2009 @ 0:00

Hi there again. Info now to hand for Tomorrow Wednesday evening in Fairyhouse 8.00 race. Back No. 5 Shaimaa e.w at about 14 to 1 . He is trained in Bagenalstown by Shark Hanlon and will be ridden by the best young apprentice on the Irish scene at present Joseph O'Brien son of legendary trainer Aidan

16) clubmanWednesday 1 Jul 2009 @ 20:27

sounds like everyone in tinryland is winning money except me!fair play to ya pete!

17) maxWednesday 1 Jul 2009 @ 20:30

typical,tinryland lads only good for gambling and then i presume drinking their winnings

18) LegendThursday 2 Jul 2009 @ 9:51

A few more horses like the last two Pete gave us and all we will be drinking is water. It looks like the bubble is bursting. Lets get back to discussing football. I hear that the Junior a team will play the league final on Monday 13th July against The Blues. What chance have they?

19) seanThursday 2 Jul 2009 @ 14:32

If you want to get back to the football why don't you get back to the football thread, Ahole. I need to win some of my money back, any more tips there men? Got word there this morning that Ivory lace in the 7.25 epsom is expected to run very well, wel worth a few bob should get it at 8/1 or so.

20) legendThursday 2 Jul 2009 @ 15:32

Thanks Sean even though you did call me a ...........hole. One cert for you over the weekend. Bold Bibi in the 4.15 at Sligo on Sunday. This will win i can assure you. Thanks for this evenings nag in anticipation

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