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1) seanyTuesday 26 May 2009 @ 15:37

Was down in the club last night and was sad to hear that the place was broken into yet again ver the weekend.This is the third or fourth time in the past few month's this has happened and hopefully the perpatrators will be caught!

2) oldhoopTuesday 26 May 2009 @ 15:49

lads any truth in story that mullin is gone from junior a selectors; hope this is not the case. he has done fine work with the juniors

3) legendTuesday 26 May 2009 @ 16:19

THis is true apparantly. Some kind of fall out from the game last week in Leighlin. Strang one that as I believe the team won. Appears that he is taking over the junior B side and as he also is looking after the U21s he will be busy in the coming weeks. What kind of U21 side has Tinryland this year. It will be starting in July along with the senior football championship.

4) oldhoopTuesday 26 May 2009 @ 19:35

this is very strange indeed legend .the words fall out and ber dont belong in the same sentence.he always done the b team,and i know he had a good relationship with the a team players. this smells of another pj gere story,a big loss for our second team to take. i wish him well

5) seanyTuesday 26 May 2009 @ 23:21

What was the PJ Gere story oldhoop?If this is true about Bernard then it is a big dissapointment,it is the first i heard of it.I dont want to speculate but if he has then my guess Brian wasnt happy that Bernard played EI last week after there falling out as Brian wasnt present last week.Just my guess.

6) legendWednesday 27 May 2009 @ 9:14

P J Gere was a trainer of the senior team in the early nineties when Tinryland had a decent senior team. Like a number of trainers before and after him it appears he was shafted by the establishment at the time for no apparant reason. Unfortunately this goes with the territory with coaches being fired on a regular basis. All you have to look at is the Carlow Co. team or even Kildavin who change their trainers more often than they change their underwear. The same fate awaits any manager who does not deliver

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