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1) peterpanThursday 19 Mar 2009 @ 11:16

is it me or is there less activity in the village these days. . . . .no youths around the streets . . . .no boy racers. . . . . . .the village is like a ghost town. . .maybe the ``no loitering`` sign in the shop has done this?????

2) seanyThursday 19 Mar 2009 @ 16:53

Yes peterpan,i reckon the no loitering sign shook the bejaysus out of the boys alright,gouriers!By the way,was up at the new hall in tinryland yeaterday.Wouldnt it have been a great idea to put a pub or chipper in there,perfect size.I mean,we must be the only parish in Ireland without either!

3) seanThursday 19 Mar 2009 @ 17:35

Well all the youths that hung around there for the last few years have grown up. The new breed of youths around tinryland scared away by a no loitering sign?? thats highly unlikely. i'd say it's more likely that there on the gear and can't come out during the day.

4) seanyThursday 19 Mar 2009 @ 17:55

Yes Sean,the old gang have all grown up.I dont think the new crew in our parish will ever compare to some of them great boys who stood outside the shop!!

5) seanFriday 20 Mar 2009 @ 11:00

I certainly agree with that statement. I would also like to compliment you on a fantastic name, although i don't see 'y' you spell it like that.

6) peterpanFriday 20 Mar 2009 @ 11:59

i dont really think they are on the gear but who knows. . . . . . . generations of families have stood outside that shop over the years. . .the social hotspot of our village ya myt say??

7) seanyFriday 20 Mar 2009 @ 13:34

What way would you spell it Sean?Good joke to about "y".Good to see humour on this site.

8) B.MMonday 23 Mar 2009 @ 13:11

The only gear they are on is their playstations, I'd say once the weather warms up the village will be full of youths again, and we can complain once more.

9) seanTuesday 24 Mar 2009 @ 13:42

As long as they switch to the football gear in the summer everything should be fine, except for the weather of course!

10) peterpanFriday 27 Mar 2009 @ 11:34

where are they getting all this money for gear in the middle of a recession?

11) peterpanFriday 27 Mar 2009 @ 11:35

where are they getting all this money for gear in the middle of a recession?

12) seanFriday 27 Mar 2009 @ 12:58

No need to repeat yourself peter, give us a chance to answer. I'd imagine that when they need money for gear, they just take it out of the safe in the club. Probably hide under the pool table and wait till everyone leaves

13) peterpanSunday 29 Mar 2009 @ 18:03

i hid under the pool table once when i was a young fella . . . . . . i swallowed the black ball by mistake and hd to go to hospital. . . . . .

14) seanMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 16:28

I'd say you were very popular in the club, being willing to put black balls in your mouth like. The last person that done that in the club was made bar manager till he/she 'walkerd' out.

15) peterpanThursday 23 Apr 2009 @ 12:40

ha ha ha ha ha i know ha ha ha your sickened

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