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1) seanyWednesday 25 Feb 2009 @ 20:34

First assignment for the new season 2009 tomorrow night,Thursday in the clubhouse.Challenge game v Kilkenny side Railyard,throw in for 7.30.Team and played wells will follow.

2) LegendThursday 26 Feb 2009 @ 14:00

Team likely to be picked from following: O'Reilly, Moore, Cleary, Dempsey, Foster, Morrissey G, Morrissey M Ryan, Delaney P Jackson, Barrett N Barrett A Power D, Doyle G, Doyle L, Doyle P, Doyle E, Moran, Townsend P Murphy D, Whelan, Kelly, Scully. A few players like redmond, Byrne, O'Toole, Broderick not available due to Co committments

3) seanyThursday 26 Feb 2009 @ 15:50

Exactly legend,everybody you have named there are training with the exception of Padraig Townsend who is of course off to Australia this week.Everyone else there should be available for selection.Here's hoping for a good start.

4) legendThursday 26 Feb 2009 @ 16:03

Sorry Seany I should have clarified. I meant Patrick Townsend. Best wishes to Padraig down under. The team will miss him this year. A few other lads missing also like Peter Doran, Shane O'Neill, Willie Power, Cormac Walshe, Is Cian Moore back training yet. Also Shane Delaney, Mickey Mullen, P J Murphy. If they are all back ye will have a decent team this year

5) seanyThursday 26 Feb 2009 @ 18:25

michkey mullen?a joint clone of two great men,ha.Shane Delaney trained once,as did Peter Doran and Shane O' Neill who is in college in England.No sign of Cian yet,hopefully he will return though.

6) seanyThursday 26 Feb 2009 @ 23:59

Team tonight:T O' Reilly,JP Moore,C Cleary,L Doyle,Foster,E Doyle,N Barrett,M Morrissey,G Morrissey,P Doyle,D Power,G Doyle,A Barrett,K Jackson,I Scully.Think we lost by 2 points in the end.Good hard physical game,bigger tests lie ahead.Subs to come on,everyone got a run.D Moran,K Barrett,P Costello,D Murphy,P Delaney,J Kelly,J Ryan,P Townsend,P Whelan.Back to training tuesday night.Juniors have a challenge game also in the club Wednesday evening for 7.30.

7) legendFriday 27 Feb 2009 @ 10:03

Ye seany an accurate report of game. I attended last night and while Tinryland looked very rusty in first half they improved a lot in second half going 6 points up at one stage. The mentors then gave a run to about 10 different subs and I think there was only one point in it in the end. Impressive performances however from Scully, Jackson, paul Doyle, Power and a few young lads like Luke Doyle, Paul Costello and Glen Doyle when he did decide to play. Team was missing Broderick, Dempsey, Walshe, Byrne, O Toole Doran Willie Power and Shane O'Neill to name but some. There will be fierce competition for places this year and we must not forget Muzzy Mullen, Cian Moore, Shane Delanet, Jeff Sutton or a lot of others.

8) legendFriday 27 Feb 2009 @ 10:08

Tinryland were also missing Co senior player Shane Redmond who along with Conor Byrne and Matthew O'Toole are on the Carlow U21 team who take on Kildare in the Leinster champ in Newbridge on Sunday. Tinryland abu

9) seanySunday 1 Mar 2009 @ 20:21

Alot of players there alright legend.Transfer news on the club front.Cian Clancy has gone to Eire Og(although he very rarely played anyway)and Peter Scully has joined up with local rivals The Fighting Cocks.Also Fierce rumours abound that Cian Moore will line out for the juniors this Wednesday evening,lets hope!

10) legendSunday 1 Mar 2009 @ 21:27

Should be a big crowd there on Wednesday to see the return of Cian and also Richie Whyte who is planning a comeback also. Problem is will they really return. We in Tinryland have heard more about those two over the past two years but I wonder are they really interested in playing Gaelic at all. Its time Tinryland moved on and worried about the players who are committed. Its time for the talking to stop now and let Tinryland deliver a real bit of silverware in 2009.

11) seanyMonday 2 Mar 2009 @ 0:06

Couldnt agree more!!

12) maxWednesday 4 Mar 2009 @ 0:46

your talking sense there now lads!!should be an interesting turnout on wednesday!

13) legendThursday 5 Mar 2009 @ 15:47

How did junior match go last night.? I could not get down to it. Did Cian Moore or Richie Whyte play?.What kind of junior team have we for 2009. Are they as good as last year?

14) seanyFriday 6 Mar 2009 @ 16:08

There was about 19 or 20 down there i heard.The players were down there,had a meeting about the year and were then told at the end that the match had been off since 4.00 that day.Cian Moore was there to the best of my knowledge,not sure about Richard Whyte.Keith Jackson also there,as was Alan Barrett and Damien Power who were both re graded.Are they trying to tell Damo something??

15) legendSunday 8 Mar 2009 @ 22:08

Looks like the junior squad will be very strong this year. Hope the seniors dont rob too many players as I think the juniors can go a long way. Then again a lot of the players might have ambitions to play at a higher level.Whatever happens Tinryland look to be very strong all round this year and with competition for places on all 4 teams it should be a good year. Thanks for that info Seany

16) legendThursday 19 Mar 2009 @ 18:24

Senior challenge against Clonmore tonight Thursday. Just heard the team. Tinryland will be missing a lot of the old names and will introduce new blood. A chance for the young lads to shine.

17) seanyThursday 19 Mar 2009 @ 20:30

Sorry legend,you wouldnt post the team would you?Or if your at the match,maybe the subs to.Wont be able to make it down tonight.New blood replacing older players?Interesting.Was that alright at the Railyard match!

18) legendFriday 20 Mar 2009 @ 9:53

Saw most of last nights match Seany. When I arrived with 15 minutes gone Clonmore leading by a point. Tinryland introduced P J Murphy and game seemed to change. At half time Tinryland led by 2-6 to 0-2 and dominated most of 2nd half. Final score something like 4-14 to 0-4. Outstanding were back line of Trevor O'Reilly, J P Moore, Dempsey, Luke Doyle, Conor Byrne, Niall barrett & Frosty. Evan Doyle and jackson did well in mid field. Up front Broderick was on fire scoring about 8 points.E I also played well along with young O'Toole who looked very sharp and Danny Moran. mark Morrissey also very good. Selectors gave a run in the forwards to Pat Townsend who scored a goal. Also put on young Colm Nolan and another chap who I didnt recognize. Cian Moore started match but went off injured just as I arrived so I could not form an opinion on his performance. Considering they were missing a lot of the big names this seemed a very good performance but Clonmore were very poor. It will be interesting to see what the team will be when the likes of Garry Morrissey, Chris Cleary, Paul Doyle, Damien power, Willie Power, peter Doran Shane O neill, Glen Doyle, Alan barrett and Cormac Walsh all return. Certainly an abundance on talent on paper but then again matches are not won on paper.

19) seanFriday 20 Mar 2009 @ 10:57

When will the draw for the championship be made?? Your right legend, Games are not won on paper and we certainly won't be playing on paper. Grass is what you want.

20) seanyFriday 20 Mar 2009 @ 13:38

Sean the draws have already been made for the championship.Good to see Cian back,has he been training?Also must say very surprised about Colm Nolan,i thought he had given up on the idea of sport!Good to see PJ Murphy back aswell.League starting next weekend so training should be good this week.Also good luck to the minors tomorrow,home to Pal in first round of the championship.

21) legendSunday 22 Mar 2009 @ 14:04

Minors played Pal in 1st round of championship on Saturday. Though we lost by 4 points there was some promising young lads on show for future. Could have won the game even though Pal were slightly the better team. A few basic errors in the 2nd half let Pal back into game just as Tinryland had come back from being 5 points down. Pal looked stronger physically but Tinryland had good players in Jeff Sutton, Mickey Byrne, darren Murphy in first half, Muzzy Mullen, Also good performance from goalie Gregory Murphy. We seem to have an abundance of good keepers at the moment. Is Trevors place on the senior team in danger?

22) B.MMonday 23 Mar 2009 @ 13:06

i don't think trevor will be too worried for the next year or two anyway, an abundance of keepers that have no interest in playing is what we have!

23) seanFriday 27 Mar 2009 @ 13:01

I'm not sure i agree with you there, perhaps a few of the younger lads should be given a go, competition brings the best out of people. Don't want Trevor taking his place for granted and then not bothering his hole.

24) oldhoopFriday 27 Mar 2009 @ 18:29

have to agree with you sean, some good young keepers at club and all the need is game time. hopefully we will see some of them come through the junior ranks this year.

25) legendFriday 27 Mar 2009 @ 23:36

Just got a text from the club informing that Sunday's senior league match against Fenagh will start at 5 o clock instead of 2 o clock. What are the chances of starting the new season with a win?

26) seanySaturday 28 Mar 2009 @ 19:41

Here's hoping legend,bit of revenge for our SFC defeat to them last year!

27) seanyMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 1:08

Tinryland beat Fenagh 2.09 to 9 points tonight in SFL Div 1.Good start,Eire Og next Sat at home,big test.They drew with Mlr tonight.Next game in club altogether is Wednesday night as the Junior B's take on Leighlinbridge at home.

28) legendMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 10:05

Good start all right Seany considering a good few missing like Cleary, Redmond, Glen Doyle, J P Moore, Jackson, Willie Power, Peter Doran, Walshe, O'Neill, Cian Moore etc. The lads that did play did very well with a great defence that conceded no goals. Morrissey and Doyle did well at midfield while the forwards took their scores well with Broderick scoring five points and the goals coming from Danny Moran and a penalty from Evan Doyle. All in all a good display but they will have to step up even more if they are to do well against Eire Og next Saturday and Palatine the following week. Best of luck to the junior B team on Wednesday.

29) seanyMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 13:44

Regardinh JP Moore's absence yesterday,the word going around the club yesterday that he was indeed shopping for a couch!!

30) seanMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 16:35

Maybe he should be shopping for a new club if he's going to miss our first game to go buying couches. Did he get one in the end beacuse my sister is selling a brand new 3piece leather couch

31) clubmanMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 16:35

Thats true seany.I hear hes missing the game with eire og next week as he has to go buy a table and chairs!

32) OLDHOOPMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 23:00

Regarding JP,,judge him on his performances on the field and not his personal life, good luck to the lad wish we had more like him

33) seanyMonday 30 Mar 2009 @ 23:31

Correct oldhoop,hard to judge him on his performance on the field yesterday though as he was couch shopping all saying.Great player though!

34) seanWednesday 1 Apr 2009 @ 11:44

Had a chat with JP yesterday about this and it turns out the rumours were wrong, but not entirely wrong. He was in fact dealing with a couch but he was selliing it, had to drop it up to a lad in tinahely. He's makin a bit of money for himself buying and selling used furniture, he repairs and cleans them before selling them on of course. Has nice enough stuff at a very good price and i'm sure JP would do you a deal if you asked him.

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