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1) nutter80Monday 21 Apr 2008 @ 12:39

can i jus ask wat does everone think of tat there is no photo's of ladies in football in the clubhouse.. its come to my attention tat the lads get more attention than the ladies and always have been down there. we jus want to b recognized to just to show that ladies football does exist. there is not one proper pioture than in the club of a ladies football team??? y is this are they to ashamed to see the ladies winning and doin well??

2) LegendMonday 21 Apr 2008 @ 12:52

Would it have anything to do with the fact that the girls dont wear the blue and white jersey and are not called Tinryland but Bennekerry Tinryland. Im sure when the ladies club come in under the Tinryland banner there will be photos of them in the clubhouse. One question for Nutter who ever you are. Did you address the same question to the Palatine club.

3) johnboyTuesday 20 May 2008 @ 22:56

good man, great answer, you really are a legend...theres a few outsiders on that benekerry tinryland team, i see they mostly use our facilities for training etc, pal dont seem to be givin much input into the whole thing at all...and as for photos we can see photos of these girls in better poses than mucky shorts and boots so i dont see the point really?

4) clubmanMonday 23 Jun 2008 @ 17:33

i think as a fundraiser the girls should do a calender shoot all togged out!!! be jaysus

5) johnboyMonday 23 Jun 2008 @ 23:36

or how about not togged out at al x(",)x

6) nutter80Sunday 29 Jun 2008 @ 11:03

well let me tell u legend.. who ever u r im am a real local always was always wil b and was one of the first ladies on the team... we started out wit the blue and white jersaeys but warent allowed to wear them so there.. we had to get our own sponsors etc so tat where the yelllow and black came into it... and as for johnboy and other fella us ladies have won more than any fella's teams let me tell ya.... from schools and clubs... we'd do a foto shoot anydaylet me tell ya... the club wit ladies would go more if we had more interrest from the local's to support the ladies and get involoved more too.... so there..... can anyone answer me y do ye all think tat men are legends cos let me tell ya ... women oor ladies can do even better...

7) clubmanTuesday 12 Aug 2008 @ 17:43

whats the difference between a woman and a lady?

8) seanThursday 21 Aug 2008 @ 18:22

a lady doesnt play football!!

9) maxFriday 23 Jan 2009 @ 0:32

ah guys go easy on the girls,they bring a lot to the club....and some day they'll be the ladies making our sandwiches after the big games.keep it up girls

10) seanTuesday 27 Jan 2009 @ 17:14

ah yeah, sure arent the ladies great. it doesnt matter that there not as smart as men sure dont most of them have lovely bottoms

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