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1) peterpanTuesday 8 Jan 2008 @ 13:36

does anyone no why this forum becomes active for about 2 weeks then everyone must go asleep for two months and wake up and decide to look at it........ something must be done?????

2) martinTuesday 8 Jan 2008 @ 21:04

it is like the suporte the get when the run sumthing in the club .no boddy turns up.iam glad there is som 1 out thear peterpan like your self

3) peterpanFriday 11 Jan 2008 @ 10:00

i no martin its disgracefull isn it......... i even wish there was more people out there like me self... ah no only jokin

4) LegendFriday 11 Jan 2008 @ 15:09

Did Peter Pan or Martin attend The football agm during the week. I heard there are a lot of changes down there

5) martinSaturday 12 Jan 2008 @ 15:51

maybe i dont no i heard their was afull house

6) peterpanMonday 14 Jan 2008 @ 11:36

unfortunately i had to work and couldn atend the a.g.m but i have heard their will e a couple of changes alry!

7) johnboyThursday 31 Jan 2008 @ 23:01

i agree, we need to do somethin to spice up the forum...any ideas??

8) seanSunday 17 Feb 2008 @ 21:51

we need to boost the interest johnboy, get the word out there an people will show more enthuasiasm towards the site. it has real potential do. lets get some positive word of mouth out there goys.

9) johnboyMonday 18 Feb 2008 @ 19:49

sean you are exactly what this site needs, a bit of enthusiasm and imagination..hav u got msn??

10) seanFriday 22 Feb 2008 @ 22:34

no sorry johnboy im not very tech savvy! i think msn is a generation below me. any ideas how we could get more people involved in this website? it would be great for the community!

11) maxSunday 24 Feb 2008 @ 2:08

dont think johnboy is too tech savvy either

12) ispyMonday 24 Mar 2008 @ 11:01

Villagers- Now that Easter is over. let us arise from our slumber once more...

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