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1) ispyMonday 5 Nov 2007 @ 17:51

So anyone got any news from the area? When is the bypass opening? Is the ball alley going to be restored to its former greatness after all??? Let me know.....

2) LegendTuesday 6 Nov 2007 @ 17:08

Anyone know who is doing all the vandalism in the school. Is it fair that innocent people should have to pay for the mindless destruction caused by a few thugs

3) martinSunday 2 Dec 2007 @ 23:02

the handbally alley is going 2 berestored it is a landmark of the sport in tinryland in the resspecet of the pepole that put it there ok

4) martinSaturday 8 Dec 2007 @ 1:24

there was a grate night in the club but not anuff suport and half the team turned up hope the players yurn up 4 traning on the31 of january 08 hope gerbickerstaffe gets the suport he dersives 4 2008 tank you a lot

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