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1) clubmanWednesday 11 Jan 2006 @ 12:01

has anyone else had to deal with eggs being thrown at their house or carrs.this carry on in the area is totally unacceptable,people must have little to do with their time.i have contacted the gardai but to no avail.anyone who notices anything suspicious should name and shame the culprits on this site

2) concerned~localWednesday 11 Jan 2006 @ 22:35

yes indeed i have noticed this carry on in recent months... i find it hard to believe locals would take part in bombarding houses with eggs.I have tried to find the culprits but to no avail. however i have pinpointed a group known only as 'the nurney boys' and i have seen them around the scene of the crime laughing and possibly admiring there mess. i have also witnessed them in closh stores buying 10 boxes of eggs. what brings them to these parts god only knows...

3) minnieriordanWednesday 18 Jan 2006 @ 22:53

Yes I agree, it is certainly notable that the local boys often get the blame for mindless acts when we should perhaps not be so quick to adhere to the adage 'familiarity brings contempt'. We are now living in a changing Tinryland and I hope the council regulates their schemes by taking into account the local close knit community in existence in our parish. I think everybody that desires to live in Tinryland should prove a viable link to the area. This should help combat the influx of detached residents that have no respect for our area or residents.

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