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1) clubmanTuesday 29 Nov 2005 @ 10:41

'im in the club,get me out of here'. mick m was the first one voted out after yesterdays went down to himself and peter but mick let them down yesterday in his trial and only got 3 stars so it meant that they each only got 3 pints.the yank wasnt happy and tempers flared.mick packed his bags.the bookie's have pat f installed as favourite to win at 2/1.

2) minnieriordanTuesday 29 Nov 2005 @ 20:20

What other local celebrities are partaking in this show? Who gets the money from the advertising? Are there any women?

3) clubmanWednesday 30 Nov 2005 @ 11:26

Women in the clubhouse?!are you mad!

4) newyorkFriday 2 Dec 2005 @ 1:45

hope the boys are having fun in the club ,sure sounds like it.does the yank still play pool the way he used to ,tell him i'll snooker his ass next year hopefully if i get back there all going well with this green card . joe s

5) clubmanMonday 5 Dec 2005 @ 14:44

the latest on 'i'm in the club,get me out of here'.todays trial was to go into the rat infested store room and find the stars.peter was the one to brave this dirty damp smelly room with rats at his feet.he bravely held his breath and then blew the rats away.he collected 7 stars so they all got 7 pints.votes came in and it was between peter and brendan h to go.peter managed to escape and brendan was kicked angry brendan claimed 'i fit in better in my own clubhouse anyway-teach asca'.the boys sit at the bar and sean b and brian d start a sing song.

6) clubmanMonday 5 Dec 2005 @ 14:47

full list of local celebs in competition-peter,brian,sean,pat,yank,george and mick m and brendan h are the ones sent packing.stay tuned and add any comments on the show you wish to express

7) clubmanTuesday 6 Dec 2005 @ 15:01

todays task involves pool.the person has to try do as many snookers they can.the yank is sent for this task.he gets 7 stars so they all get 7 pints again.brian claims he would have done it better.they all sit around the bar and george tells stories for the night.not an exciting night in the club,shock is voted out and leaves the club

8) minnieriordanWednesday 7 Dec 2005 @ 12:03

Who is hosting this show? What way is the betting going now?

9) minnieriordanWednesday 7 Dec 2005 @ 12:05

I don't know if it's true but I read in the Sun newspaper that as a surprise twist, mick the wig was returning to make a guest appearance

10) concerned~localTuesday 10 Jan 2006 @ 15:54

finish your column! it kept me going through the lonely nights.

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